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Knox specializes in solutions that solve the unsolvable

The core vision of Knox is to design and develop solutions that far surpass what the fintech industry currently offers, and to combine those offerings into a single universal ecosystem. To maintain a significant lead in the development of government, commercial and blockchain products by aggressive R&D, utilizing the most experienced and most innovative software engineers on Earth.
The Knox mission is to push the limits of what technology can offer. To exceed the highest industry capabilities and offer the safest, fastest, and most feature-rich products possible.
The Knox team boasts a large number of major development accomplishments, including being the first blockchain to develop and implement true database sharding. Offering centuries of combined development experience and influential participation in 12+ Fortune 500 companies the Knox team more than supplies the experience necessary to carry out its vision in full.


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Top 3 Priorities

Trust is fundamental for any financial system and a core value of Knox. Security, transparency, reliability, and world-class customer service are tangible ways to build trust, and the top priorities of Knox. Knox is determined to set itself drastically ahead of the competition in every one of these areas.
World-class, 24/7 US based customer care is at the forefront of Knox. Our team of professional, US based staff is here to break down the barriers encountered in this always-changing digital world. From physical locations to regional banks, to the largest of governments, Knox is determined to be the most accessible company in finance.
Knox was born to shape the world of finance by becoming the most secure and user-friendly exchange on the planet. Knox provides users a unique experience by breaking down the barriers encountered on even the most significant exchange platforms. Our team of industry-leading professionals was put in place to provide world-leading customer support. Knox is determined to set the global standard in financial innovation and professionalism.